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      Dynamic news:
      24-Hour Service: 0086-576-82424800
      No. 2018, Haicheng Road, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province   



      M style 4 way cassette type fan coil unit

      Ultra thin vertical type fan coil unit

      Slim type ceiling conceal duct fan coil unit

      1-way cassette type fan coil unit

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      Taizhou MECO Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd    

      Our main products include fan coil unit( 1-way, 4-way,surrounding air flowing water cassette, high wall mounted fan coil unit, high static pressure ducted fan coil unit, ceiling floor fan coil unit, universal fan coil unit etc.)

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      More than 10 years focus on fan coil production and manufacturing, We have rich production experience and excellent product quality.

      Professional technical support, we can complete the customization and production of a variety of non-standard products

      Variety production range, meet the various market demand
      We have high performance enthalpy difference test lab, water-cooled performance test station,air conditioning inspection and other testing equipments to guarantee the performance and quality of products.

      OUR NEWS

      OUR NEWS

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